Quick Statistics

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NOTICE: On May 27th, 2015 (Target, Push API) and July 21st, 2015 (Push Point, BulkPush API) we made a change to our algorithm for reporting send statistics. It will now omit notifications sent to customers who have not opted in to receiving simple pushes. This change will not affect inbox-only campaigns or campaigns that include both a simple and a rich message.

A recent statistics audit detected that some applications with older iOS Xtify SDK were reporting metrics multiple times. On September 15, 2015, we have implemented server side controls to mitigate that. If you have one of the affected SDKs (before v2.79) you will notice a reduction in metrics. We recommend you upgrade to the latest SDK to ensure accurate statistics.

Please contact us at IBMMobileEngage@us.ibm.com or via the Client Success Portal https://support.ibmcloud.com if you have any questions.


Report’s Legend: 

Application Opens = The total number of times each application was opened (brought to foreground).
Notifications Sent = The number of messages sent by Xtify system for each notification.
Simple: Clicks = The number of messages clicked to open.
Click Rate = Simple:Clicks / Notifications Sent
Rich: Views = The number of times the rich notification was viewed by the mobile user. It includes the cases when the mobile users viewed the same messages more than one time.
View Rate = Rich:Views / Notifications Sent
Rich: Actions = The number of times the mobile users pressed the Primary Action button.
Action Rate = Rich:Actions / Rich:Views
Rich: Shares = The number of times the mobile users pressed the Share button.
Share Rate = Rich:Shares / Rich:Views


Deprecated Fields: 

Received = This Android-only stat is no longer available.
Unique Views = The number of unique mobile users who viewed the message.